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Regular Spanish Verbs

Learn Spanish Online

Infographics of Regular Spanish Verbs

Regular Spanish Verbs

Definition of Regular Spanish Verbs

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Let's start by defining what they are, regular verbs in Spanish consist particularly of verbs that maintain uniform conjugations, conserving their immutable root no matter how it is conjugated or the tense used. It is fundamental to understand and memorize certain simple rules to carry out a correct conjugation, these rules work practically the same in all cases so after learning them you will be able to apply them indistinctly in each regular verb that will be presented to you in this class to start communicating in Spanish.

  • pintar =to paint

  • deber =to owe

  • abrir =to open

  • ocurrir =to occur

  • necesitar =to need

  • mirar =to watch

Basic Rules to Conjugate Verbs

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The endings of Spanish verbs always retain a structure that is presented with the particles "ar", "er" or "ir" depending on the specific case, an example of this would be "Nadar" (swim). These endings are the last two letters of the verb that will help us build regular verbs, where the root, let's remember it well, will never change, the only thing that will vary in the process are these last two letters that will become others as we will see below. 




  • escribir =to write

  • trabajar =to work

Example of Conjugate Verbs

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You may find it strange how simple it seems but it is true, you only have to change the endings of the verb you want to conjugate and place those shown in the table above at each specific moment and form. Simple, isn't it? Now let's look at some practical examples.


 Nadar (to swim)Comer (to eat)Reír (to laugh)
YoNado (I swim)Como (I eat)Rio (I laugh)
Nadas (You swim)Comes (You eat)Ríes (you laugh)
Él/EllaNada (He/She swims)Come (He/She eats)Ríe (He/She laughs)
NosotrosNadamos (We swim)Comemos (We eat)Reímos (We laugh)
VosotrosNadáis (You swim)Coméis (You eat)Reís (You laugh)
Ellos/EllasNadan (They swim)Comen (They eat)Ríen (they laugh)

  • Nado, Nadas, Nada =To Swim

  • Como, Comes, Come  =To Eat

  • Rio, Ríes, Ríe =To Laugh

Additional Tips for Regular Spanish Verbs

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1When you find in any Spanish text the letters "LL" together, they will be pronounced as a "Y". A clear example of this can be found in "Hallar", which will sound like "Hayar".
2When you try to memorize the verbs a very popular and attractive method is to put them together in pairs of opposites to learn that form simplifying the process a little more.
3It is elementary to set realistic goals and not pretend to memorize a million verbs in one afternoon, it would be more practical and beneficial to focus on the five or ten most rare and striking verbs observed in the day.

  • tomar =to eat or drink

  • cuidar =to take care of

Useful Examples of Regular Spanish Verbs

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to paintpintarto owedeber
to openabrirto occur ocurrir
to neednecesitarto watchmirar
to writeescribirto worktrabajar
to earnganarto winganar
to washlavarto waitesperar
to livevivirto listenescuchar
to lendprestarto leavedejar
to lastdurarto kissbesar
to insistinsistirto hugabrazar
to verifyverificarto varyvariar
to useusarto turn offapagar
to treattratarto travelviajar
to touch tocarto teachenseñar
to hideesconderto helpayudar
to helpayudarto have dinnercenar
to guessadivinarto greetsaludar
to give a giftregalarto get downbajar
to get offbajarto fixarreglar
to carry llevarto taketomar
to eat or drinktomarto take care ofcuidar
to swimto sweepto sweatsudar
to studyestudiarto fillllenar
to take outsacarto explainexplicar
to enterentrarto endterminar
to drivemanejarto speakhablar


  • tratar =to treat

  • viajar =to travel

  • tocar =to touch

  • enseñar =to teach

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