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Verbal Idioms

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Infographics of Verbal Idioms

Creation and Application of Verbal Idioms

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Verbal idioms, or "un modismo" as they are known in Spanish, consist of a specific expression where its meaning has practically nothing to do with the words that make it up, since its use, creation and application are part of a linguistic custom that allows an idea to be understood in a few or in other words, that can only be generally understood by those who share the same language. It is important to emphasize that an idiom is not a saying since many people tend to confuse these concepts. Let's look at several examples of Spanish idioms to better understand how these popular linguistic customs are used.

  • Irse por las ramas =Going by the branches

  • Ahogarse en un vaso de agua. =Drowning in a glass of water

  • Hacer castillos en el aire =Make castles in the air

  • Desvestir un santo para vestir a otro =Undressing one saint to dress another

  • Tirar la toalla =Throw in the towel

  • Con las manos en la masa. =With the hands in the mass

The usefulness of Verbal Idioms

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The usefulness of this expression is centered on making known how different or rare something or someone is within any context, especially it is common to hear it in the family nucleus to say that one of the children or relatives is not similar to the others.

  • Bailando con la más fea =Dance with the ugliest one.

  • Estar en la luna =Being on the moon.

  • Echar una mano =Lend a hand.

  • Meter la pata =Tuck in the paw

  • Es pan comido =It's a piece of cake

  • Ser la oveja negra =Being the black sheep.

  • Hablar por los codos. =Talking up to your elbows

  • Estar como una cabra =To be like a goat

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