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Spanish Body Parts Vocabulary

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Infographics of Parts Of Body In Spanish

What are Body Parts in Spanish

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Understanding parts of the body and their literal pronunciation in Spanish is very important for day to day activity. We have listed basic and advanced level of body parts and organs used in day to day life.
  • La Cabeza =Head

  • El Pelo =Hair

  • Los Ojos =Eyes

  • La Oreja =Ear

  • La Rodilla =Knee

  • El Pie =Foot

  • estómago =Stomach

  • dedo del pie =Toe

  • columna vertebral =Backbone

  • Corazón =Heart

  • hígado =Liver

  • Músculo =Muscle

  • Garganta =Throat

  • Lengua =Tongue

Exercises and Related Body Parts

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Visiting a Gym, be ready to answer basic questions related to your health. Below is the list of basic health and fitness phrases includes list of exercises and their Spanish translations.
  • Hombro =Shoulder

  • El Brazo =Arm

  • El Codo =Elbow

  • La Pierna, Peso muerto a una pierna =Leg, Single leg deadlifts

  • La Espalda =Back

  • El Pecho =Chest

  • Corriendo, caminando, cuesta arriba =Running, walking, uphill

  • Cofre, Press de banca =Chest, Bench press

  • Estocadas =Lunges

  • Lagartijas =Pushups

  • Sentadillas =Squats

  • Eructos =Burpees

  • Tablones laterales. =Side planks

  • Peso muerto con una sola pierna =Single-leg deadlifts

Ways to teach kids about body parts

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In order to teach children about body parts, there are multiple fun-filled activities and body parts games that you can make use of and help your little one begin taking tiny steps in understanding them.
  • Hacer uso de accesorios =Make Use of Props

  • Refiérase a los animales =Refer to Animals (Use Soft Toys)

  • Trae la música =Bring on the Music

  • Describe varias funciones =Describe Various Functions

  • Utilice ayudas visuales =Use Visual Aids

Human Body Systems in Spanish

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Parts of the body work in a system to organs working. These systems have special placing in Spanish language. Read the examples below. There are 12 critical systems in the body which keep disease at bay and basic organs in working condition. 
  • Sistema nervioso =Nervous System

  • sistema digestivo =Digestive system

  • Sistema esquelético =Skeletal system

  • Sistema muscular =Muscular system

  • Sistema respiratorio =Respiratory system

  • Sistema endocrino =Endocrine system

  • Sistema inmunitario =Immune system

  • Sistema cardiovascular / circulatorio =Cardiovascular/Circulatory system

  • Sistema urinario =Urinary system

  • Sistema tegumentario =Integumentary system

  • Sistema reproductivo =Reproductive system

Internal Body Parts and Organs for Students

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Organs are group of tissues with similar function and activity forming an Body Organ. These co-exist to do a very specific activity. Below is the list of Human body organs. 
  • Las pulmones =The Lungs

  • El vejiga =The Bladder

  • Los riñones =The Kidneys

  • Los intestinos =The Intestines

  • El estómago =The Stomach

  • El cerebro =The brain

  • El hígado =The Liver

Common Idioms Using Body Parts

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There are many funny expressions or phrases used to refer to body parts. Below are literal translations in Spanish for most common idioms.
  • Mantener la cabeza en alto =Keep your chin up

  • Pies fríos =Cold feet

  • Tocar de oído =Play it by ear

  • Déjame en paz =Get off my back

  • Dale la espalda =Give the cold shoulder

  • Cuesta un ojo de la cara =Cost an arm and a leg

  • Pie en boca =Foot in mouth

  • Una vista para ojos cansados =A sight for sore eyes

  • La parte superior de mi cabeza =Off the top of my head

  • Muerdete la lengua =Bite your tongue

  • Arrastra tus pies =Drag your feet

  • Cruza tus dedos =Cross your fingers

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