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Spanish Sports Vocabulary

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Infographics of Spanish Sports Vocabulary

Spain is a prominent country for its traditional Soccer, Tennis, Football and, variety of other sports. The people of Spanish Speaking nations truly love to enjoy these sports activities and it is a great idea to gain common interests with other people that you meet by your perfect conversation in Spanish. 

If you are a sports follower, then through this article, you will be able to learn and develop your knowledge on sports vocabulary, phrases, verb, and name of various famous Sports in Spanish and answer the question comfortably by having a conversation with your colleagues, fellows, and any other people that you meet during your Spain trip.

Spanish Sports Vocabulary Every Athlete Needs to Know

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  • El Beisbol =Baseball

  • El Futbol =Soccer

  • El Baloncesto =Basketball

  • El Hockey =Hockey

  • El Futbol americano =Football

  • El Tenis =Tennis

  • El Golf =Golf

  • El Esqui =Skiing

Spanish Sports Verbs Vocabulary

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If you want to play one of these sports, you have to use the verb followed by the preposition and the name of the sport. To know your favorite sport, you need to practice some verbs that can help you describe the action of any particular game.
  • La Equitacion =Horseback Riding

  • Juego =I play - I love to play Golf.

  • Juegas =You play - You played football yesterday.

  • Juega =He/she plays - He plays soccer in the field every day.

  • Jugamos =We play - We like to play basketball in the evening.

  • Juegan =They play - They made a team of tennis to play with their fellows.

Vocabulary on Sports Actions in Spanish

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To boost your vocabulary in Spanish, learn these sport and exercise actions. This will make a new level of knowledge to your conversation with the Spanish-speaking people. When talking about the recent sports match you watched, you might like to go into deep about what the players were doing. To explain how a particular sport is played, you need to learn and memorize these actions.
  • Luchar =To wrestle

  • Correr =To run

  • Nadar =To swim

  • Parar =To stop

  • Patear =To kick

  • Saltar =To jump

  • Lanzar =To throw

  • Balancear =To swing

Location of the Sports Vocabulary in Spanish

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To play any of the sports, either on a field or a court, or swimming pool, and any interiors or outdoor games, you need to know the standard way of how to pronounce the locations of the game in Spanish. Just like, where to play, you need to use the verb estar. When speaking about events occurring at a certain point in time, you need to use ser. 
  • cancha =Field/Court

  • pista de tenis =Tennis court

  • pista =Track/Rink

  • piscina =Pool

  • campo de golf =Golf course

  • estadio =Stadium

  • gimnasio =Gym

Vocabulary on Sports Equipment in Spanish

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Sporting equipment is also known as sporting goods and hence used as a protective wall to help the athletes play the sport. The protective tool or apparel is used to compete in a sport and ranges depending on the particular sport.
The types of equipment are a set of balls, nets, bats, rackets, goals, gloves, shin guards, soccer cleats, disc, and helmets. For a good conversation, you need to practice Sports Equipments in the Spanish language. 
  • casco =Helmet

  • pelota =Ball

  • disco =Disc

  • arco =Goal

  • red =Net

  • bate =Bat

  • raqueta =Racket

  • guante de béisbol =Baseball glove

Sports Competition Vocabulary in Spanish

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A sports competition allows examining the sports organizations, coaches, athletes, and officials accurately.
A tournament is declared to decide the best athletes, teams, and greatest achievements in sports. The performance of any sports team determines to improve the skills of athletics and promotes physical sports. To evaluate the performance of any game, you need to learn about this competition vocabulary.
  • Los Juegos Olímpicos =The Olympic Games

  • Copa Mundial =World Cup

  • competición =Competition

  • partido =Game/Match

  • torneo =Tournament

  • campo de fútbol =Football/soccer field

  • pista de atletismo =Running track

  • Equipo =Team

Spanish Questions and Phrases on Sports

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The terms and phrases in this article will better help you to practice sports vocabulary. The sports-associated questions and phrases involve some form of the verb in the present tense. You need to practice these sentences to get better in conversation on Sports in Spanish.
  •  =

  • Me gusta nadar todas las mañanas. =I like to swim every morning.

  • Juego baloncesto todos los días. =I play basketball every day.

  • ¿Quieres jugar al tenis conmigo? =Do you want to play tennis with me?

  • Caminar es bueno para la salud. =Walking is good for one’s health.

  • El equipo ganó el partido de fútbol. =The team won the football match

  • ¿Qué deportes practicas a diario? =Which sports do you play daily?

  • ¿A qué equipo estás animando? =Which team are you cheering for?

  • ¿Qué deporte practicas en el campo? =What sport do you practice in the field?

  • ¿Cuál es la puntuación del equipo? =What’s the score of the team?

  • ¿Quién gana hoy? =Who is winning today?

  • ¿Practicas algún deporte? =Do you play any sports?

Vocabulary on Spanish Positions in Sports

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During a game, the position is the combined grouping of a team on the field and a uniform place of any individual player. The standard for the sport is to organize players in a group and make strategies, give instructions, and make reports.
Here, you need to learn the vocabulary of particular positions in sports activities for better conversations with fellows-
  • árbitro =Referee

  • defensa =Defender

  • centrocampista =Midfielder

  • pícher =Pitcher

  • receptor =Catcher

Why You Should Learn Spanish Sports Vocabulary

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A sport is a great outlook for the huge cultures of Spanish-speaking people.
In most Spanish-speaking countries, soccer is a basic sport of the national cultures. It is an amazing part of athletic diversity for Spain and Latin America. 
In some recent years, baseball and basketball have become the most popular sport in the Caribbean and also gaining popularity in Latin America.
Now let’s explore some Spanish Sports Vocabulary.
  • La Natacion =Swimming

  • La Gimnasia =Gymnastics

  • El Ciclismo =Cycling

  • El Snowboard =Snowboarding

  • El Patinaje =Skating

  • El Boliche =Bowling

Famous Sports Name in Spanish

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Rather than soccer, there are numerous famous sports in Latin America. Although, sports like basketball and baseball are popular in American sports. 
Let’s start by learning the names of some popular sports. Most of the sports name is masculine nouns in the Spanish; you don’t have to revise more to memorize the genders.
  • fútbol =Soccer

  • béisbol =Baseball

  • baloncesto =Basketball

  • fútbol americano =Football

  • tenis =Tennis

  • golf =Golf

  • hockey =Hockey

  • voleibol =Volleyball

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