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Spanish Interrogative Adjectives

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Infographics of Spanish Interrogative Adjectives

What is an Interrogative Adjective?

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Definition of Interrogative Adjectives

An interrogative adjective is one of the question words and expressions used with a noun such as which, what, how much and how many; for example, Which shirt are you going to wear? ; How much time have we got?
In Spanish the interrogative adjective are que (meaning which or what) and cuanto/cuanta/cuantos/cuantas (meaning how much/ how many). Note that like all other Spanish questions words. que and cuanto have accents on them.

  • Cuantas personas van a venir? =How many people are coming?

  • Cuantos boligrafos quieres? =How many pens would you like?

Examples of Interrogative Adjectives

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Examples of where to Use Interrogative Adjectives

que? (meaning which? or what?) doesn't change for the feminine and plural forms.
Which book do you like best?Que libor te gusta mas?
What king of dictionary do you need?Que clase de diccionario necesitas?
What instruments do you play?Que instrumentos tocas?
What offers have you received?Que ofertas has recibido?
Note that with gente (meaning people), which is a feminine singular noun, cuanta must be used.
How many people came?Cuanta gente ha venido?



Don't forget to add the opening upside-down question mark in Spanish Questions.

  • Cuanto dinero te queda? =How much money have you got left?

  • Cuanta lluvia ha caido? =How much rain have we had?

Interrogative Adjectives Grammar

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In English we can say, Tell me what time it is, He asked me how much sugar there was and i don't know which dress to choose to express doubt, report a question, or ask a Question in a roundabout or indirect way. in Spanish you can use que and cuanto/cuanta/cuantos/cuantas in the same way.

I don't know which dress to choose.No se que vestido escoger.
I don't know what time she arrived.No es a que hora llego.
Tell me how many postcards you'd like.Dime cuantas postales quieres.

  • Dime que hora es. =Tell me what time it is.

  • Me pregunto cuanto azucar habia. =He asked me how much sugar there was.

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