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Which You should be Used. Formal or Informal?

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Infographics of Which You should be Used. Formal or Informal?

In Spanish pronoun list, there are 5 types of “You” ie tú, usted, ustedes, vosotros, and vosotras. Compared to English language where there is just one You, in Spanish variations of You refer to number of people you are addressing ie One or more?.

For One person tú or usted is used. 

For More than One person either of these ie ustedes, vosotros, and vosotras will be used. 

In English there is no formal or informal addressing of You, however in Spanish for addressing a person formally or informally variations of You are used. 
For Informal You Usage, Tú and vosotros/vosotras are informal forms.
For Formal You Usage, Usted and ustedes are informal forms.

In case you are not sure please follow the rule below
Rule of Thumb:- 

  1. tú and vosotros/vosotras should be used to address with permission or your friends only.
  2. In all other situations, use usted/ustedes, until the conversation turns informal.
  3. The verb for using the tú form is tutear. Me puede tutear means, “You can use the tú form with me.”

Where to use Formal and Informal You? A Complete Guide.

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Guide of where to use Formal or Informal You in Spanish

 Formal You ( Usted, Ustedes)Informal You (Tú, Vosotros, Vosotras)
1Formal You Demonstrates respect.Informal You is generally demonstrates acceptance.
2Formal You is used with elders to give respect example your parents.Informal You is Used with friends and people of your age, as well as with younger people including children.
3Formal You is used with persons of position or nobility.Informal You is used with colleagues.
4Formal You is Used with strangersInformal You is used with friendly acquaintances.
5Informal You is Used to maintain social distance.Informal You is Used to reduce social distance.

Types of You in Spanish

In Spanish there are 5 forms of  “You”

  • Usted, Ustedes =Formal You

  • Tú, Vosotros, Vosotras =Informal You

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