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Spanish Household Vocabulary

Learn Spanish Online

Infographics of Spanish Household Vocabulary

Our home is a residence where we spend most of our time. We grow up, spend time with family, and make memories, giggle, weep, and everything in between. It’s a place of practical knowledge we gain in life.


If you are spending much time at your home then you can easily learn all vocabulary of everything, every item of the house near to you. 


In this article, we will help you to expand your Spanish vocabulary like how to talk about your sweet home, help you to learn new phrases, and discuss how word association can help you remember new words at your home.

How can you learn new Spanish vocabulary?

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You should label everything in your every room. By marking things, you can able to learn Spanish names very quickly. After seeing the particular thing, all of a sudden you just have an image of the object and the Spanish word associated with it.

This idea helps you because you can extract the word from your memory instantly.
Why you should label things in your house for learning promptly?
Labeling the objects will help you in three ways. 

The first is that you will see the words every day and maybe many times. You have to see a word repeatedly to add permanently to your vocabulary.

The second is if you choose a Spanish Vocabulary Stickers set, you don’t have to make your labels which give you a lot of durable word labels for items around your home.

And, the last step to learn Spanish words is, keep in mind the English word of the particular object then think of an image of the word. And lastly, again think of the Spanish word of the same object.
  • El Dormitorio =Bedroom

  • La Cocina =Kitchen

  • La Sala =Living Room

  • El Comedor =Dining Room

  • El Bano =Bathroom

  • El Tejado =Roof

  • El Techo =Ceiling

  • El Piso =Floor

  • La Pared =Wall

  • La Puerta =Door

  • La Vantana =Window

  • La Chimenea =Chimney

  • El Jardin =Garden

  • El Patio =Patio

  • El Sofa =Sofa

  • La Silla =Chair

  • La Lampara =Lamp

  • La Mesa =Table

  • La Cama =Bed

  • El Televisor =Television

  • El Refrigerador =refrigerator

  • El Horno =Oven

  • El Fregadero =Sink

  • El Estante =Shelf

  • La Alfombra =Carpet

  • El Telefone =Telephone

  • La Comoda =Dresser

  • La Escalera =Stairs

  • La Computadora =Computer

  • Haga una imagen de la puerta y péguela en Puerta. =Make an image of the door and paste on Door.

Always Talk to Yourself to Learn Spanish Vocabulary

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It is a good idea when you walk into a room; you need to start talking to yourself in Spanish. People who talk to themselves are very smart. They can memorize things easily. You need to say things loudly because by speaking aloud, you make your tongue habitual for Spanish words, and it will also increase your fluency. You will learn faster by speaking and hearing yourself as well. 
  • Si entra al dormitorio para dormir, simplemente puede decir =If you walk into the bedroom for sleep, you can simply say

  • Tengo que dormir más temprano para empezar de nuevo a la mañana siguiente. =I have to sleep earlier for a fresh start the next morning.

Practice Spanish Household Vocabulary List Every day

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This is the most important point to learn Spanish for your house. You need to be habitual by using Spanish every day. Once you get in the habit, your will improve a lot. 

You should remember what you learned yesterday and revise it today also. Reviewing becomes easier when you learn vocabulary based on your day-to-day surroundings.
  • despensa =pantry

  • mostrador =counter

  • batidora  =mixer

  • licuadora =blender

  • horno =oven or cooker

  • fregadero =kitchen sink

  • nevera or frigorífico =refrigerator or fridge

Spanish Names For Everything in The House

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Now, explore your home and see the name of furniture, appliances, built-in features, rooms, and sections in Spanish. You need to learn each vocabulary for better understanding.
Here are some words and vocabulary for your house in Spanish-
  • estufa =stove

  • tostadora =toaster

  • piso =floor

  • alacena =cupboard

  • cafetera =coffee maker

  • microondas =microwave

  • lavavajillas =dishwasher

  • vitrocerámica =ceramic hob

Spanish Vocabulary for Bedroom

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  • despertador =alarm clock

  • puerta =door

  • armario =wardrobe

  • estantería =shelf

  • ventana =window

  • cortinas =curtains

  • escritorio =desk

  • ordenador =computer

Spanish Vocabulary for Living Room

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  • cuadro =painting

  • puerta =door

  • armario =wardrobe

  • estantería =shelf

  • ventana =window

  • cortinas =curtains

  • mesa =table

  • silla =chair

Spanish Vocabulary for Bathroom

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  • lavadora =washing machine

  • ducha =shower

  • bañera =bathtub

  • alfombrilla =bathtub mat

  • fregadero =sink

  • espejo =mirror

  • váter or inodoro =toilet

  • toalla =towel

  • toalla =towel

Vocabulary for Rooms and other Sections of the House

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  • planta =plant

  • chimenea =chimney

  • suelo =ground

  • techo =ceiling

  • Sótano =basement

  • baño  =bathroom

Vocabulary to be Used to Describe Built in Features

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  • techo =ceiling

  • armario =cupboard

  • puerta =door

  • enchufe =electrical socket

  • grifo =faucet

  • suelo =floor

  • mostrador, encimera =kitchen counter

  • lámpara =lamp

Vocabulary to Describe Appliances and Furniture

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  • Licuadora =blender

  • Cómoda =chest of drawers

  • lavaplatos, friegaplatos =dishwasher

  • secadora – drier =for clothes

  • plancha =iron

  • microondas =microwave oven

  • estufa, cocina =stove

  • mesa =table

Everyday Spanish Vocabulary For Kitchen

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A kitchen is a room used for cooking and food preparation. The room may also be used for dining or meals such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The kitchen is the heart of your home. 
Here are some words and phrases for kitchen items in Spanish-
  • Bienvenido a la cocina! =Welcome to the kitchen!

  • ¿Qué hay para comer? Tengo hambre. =What is there to eat? I’m hungry.

  • Revisemos en el refrigerador. =Let’s check in the refrigerator.

  • Hay muchas frutas, como manzanas, uvas y peras dentro del refrigerador. =There are a lot of fruits, like apples, grapes, and pears inside the fridge.

  • Hay muchas otras cosas como queso, yogur, jugo y leche y algunos huevos. =There are a lot of other things like cheese, yogurt, juice, and milk and, some eggs.

  • Nosotros vamos a hornear galletas. =We are going to bake cookies.

  • Necesitamos azúcar, harina, bicarbonato de sodio y chocolate en polvo. =We need sugar, flour, baking soda, and, chocolate powder.

  • Asegúrese de que su horno esté listo. =Make sure that your oven is ready.

Here are Some Common Spanish Verbs for your Kitchen

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  • limpiar =to clean

  • lavar =to wash

  • barrer =to sweep

  • preparar =to prepare

  • fregar =to mop

  • restregar =to scrub

  • cocinar  =to cook

  • hervir =to boil

Everyday Spanish Vocabulary For Backyard

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A backyard is at the back of a house. It is usually a small space surrounded by walls at the back of a house with a hard surface and covered with grass. 
This area is sometimes used for gardening flower plants and vegetables and used as a park.
Here are some words and phrases for your bedroom in Spanish.
  • Vamos a dar un paseo con los vecinos. =We are going to have a walk with the neighbors.

  • Cuando quieras trabajar en el jardín, ve al patio. =When you want gardening, go to the courtyard.

  • Con la llegada de la primavera, tendrás que plantar flores. =With spring coming, you will need to plant flowers.

Everyday Spanish Vocabulary For Bathroom

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A bathroom or washroom is a room, in a home that contains either a bathtub or a shower, and a washbasin. It is also known as a restroom or toilet where people go for personal hygiene like washing hands, brushing teeth, take a bath or shower.
In the bathroom, you will find the tub, the shower, the mirror, toilet, and sink, and many more.

Here are some words and phrases for your bathroom in Spanish-

Here are some basic verbs to learn for your bedroom-

bañar- to give a bath to
desnudar- to undress
cepillar- to brush
acicalar- to groom
duchar- to shower
afeitar- to shave
  • No olvide usar champú, acondicionador y jabón. =Don’t forget to use shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

  • Una ducha es importante y siempre recuerda cepillarse los dientes. =A shower is important, and always remembers to brush your teeth.

  • Si eres hombre, es posible que debas afeitarte. =If you’re a man you may need to shave.

  • Si eres mujer, puedes maquillarte. =If you’re a woman you may put on makeup.

  • Debes mirarte en el espejo mientras te peinas. =You should look in the mirror while you do your hair.

Everyday Spanish Vocabulary For Living Room

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The living room is shared by the people living in the house. In this room, they talk with each other and their guests. People also do other things such as reading or watching television. 

The living room is also known as lounge, sitting room, or drawing room in some regions. Such a room is sometimes called a front room when it is near the main entrance or at the front of the house.
Here are some words and phrases for your living room in Spanish-

Here are some verbs to learn for your living room-

ver- to watch
jugar- to play
descansar- to relax
estar alborotado- to be excited
  • ¡Bienvenido a la sala de estar! =Welcome to the Living Room!

  • ¿Qué te gusta hacer en la sala de estar? Me gusta leer. =What do you like to do in the living room? I like to read.

  • Echemos un vistazo a la estantería y busquemos un libro. =Let’s take a look at the bookshelf and find a book.

  • ¿Tienes una película favorita? =Do you have a favorite movie?

  • Veamos si hay una película para ver. =Let’s see if there is a movie to watch.

  • Me gusta escuchar musica. =I like to listen to music.

Everyday Spanish Vocabulary For Bedroom

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The bedroom should be an important room in your home where people sleep, relax or enjoy. A bedroom has a bed and wardrobe to keep clothes and some other accessories. 
Many bedrooms also have drawers to place important things. Some houses have more than one bedroom, and the biggest one is called a master bedroom. 
Here are some words and phrases for your bedroom in Spanish

Here are some basic verbs to learn for your bedroom-

dormir- to sleep
despertar- to wake up
levantar- to get up
desvestir- to undress
leer en voz alta- to read aloud
  • Vayamos al dormitorio. =Let’s go to the bedroom.

  • I am going to sleep. =I am going to sleep.

  • Buenas noches a todos. =Goodnight everyone.

Everyday Spanish Vocabulary For Office Work at Home

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An office is a room in the house for creating a working environment where you can perform an administrative task to make the goals of your organization.
The main point of any office is a desk.
On every office desk, there is a computer, a printer, lots of paper, pencils, and pens. If you are working from home and you have a child, then it is hard to get work done easily. You may want to have another desk for your child. That’s the way your son or daughter can be busy drawing or painting while you work.

Here are some words and phrases for your office in Spanish.
  • Voy a trabajar. =I am going to work.

  • Arregle un escritorio para su hijo. =Arrange a desk for your child.

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