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Spanish Slang Words And Phrases

Learn Spanish Online

Infographics of Spanish Slang Words And Phrases

Spanish Slang Words And Phrases

Spanish Slangs!! Lets Chat

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What is a Slang in Spanish
Slang's are generally used between groups of people belonging to same social circle, knowing each other. Slang's are informal ways of communication using non standard language. Slang's are usually used while speaking and in informal communication. 

They are highly discouraged and looked down upon in formal communication. 

  • Slang: muy bn  =Very well

  • Slang: pq/pk/xq/xk  =Why?

  • Slang: tb =Also/too

  • Slang: cdt =Take care

Most Used Slangs in Spanish

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  • Slang: npn =No problem

  • Slang: kn =Who

  • Slang: cnt =Answer!

  • Slang: vdd =True or Really

Spanish Slangs for friend! Cuate

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  • Slang: Cuate =Friend

  • Slang: k acs =What are you doing?

Spanish Slangs for Girl

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  • Chica, muchacha; novia; hija. =Girl

  • Slang: tlj =I swear

  • Slang: gpi =thanks for the invite

  • Slang: ntp =don’t worry

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