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Spanish Word Order With Adjectives

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Infographics of Spanish Word Order With Adjectives

Spanish Word Order With Adjectives

Word order with adjectives

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  • una corbata azul =A Blue Tie

  • una palabra espanola =A Spanish word

  • la pagina siguiente =The Following Page

  • la hora exacta =The Precise Time

  • un hombre alto y delgado =A Tall, Slim Man

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Some adjectives can go both BEFORE and AFTER the noun, but their meaning changes depending on where they go.

AdjectiveBefore NounExamplesAfter NounExamples

un antiguo colega

a former colleague



la historia antigua

ancient history


deferentes idiomas

various languages


personas diferentes

different people


un gran pintor

a great painter


una casa grande

a big house


medio melon

half a melon


la nota media

the average mark


la misma respuesta

the same answer

self, very, precisely

yo mismo


eso mismo

precisely that

nuevo =new

mi nuevo coche

my new car (= new to me)

brand new

unos zapatos nuevos

some ( brand) new shoes

pobrepoor (=wretched)

esa pobre mujer

that poor woman


(=not rich)

un pais pobre

a poor country

viejo old (=long-standing)

un viejo amigo

an old friend

old (=aged)

esas toallas viejas

those old towels


  • Most Spanish adjectives go after the noun.
  • Certain types of adjectives in Spanish go before the noun.
  • Some adjectives can go before or after the noun - the meaning changes according to the position in the sentence.

  • este sombrero =This That

  • mi padre =My Father

  • tres dias =Three Days

  • que hombre? =Which Man?

  • iQue lastima! =What a pity!

  • cada dia =Every Day

  • mal tiempo =Bad Weather

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Spanish Word Order With Adjectives

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