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How to Use Article Lo in Spanish

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Infographics of How to Use Article Lo in Spanish

The Article lo

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Unlike the other Spanish Articles, and articles in English, lo is NOT used with noun.


Lo can be used with a masculine singular adjective or past participle (the -ado and ido forms of regular verbs) to form a noun.
Lo unico que no me qusta ...The Only Things I don;t Like...
Esto es lo importante.That's the important thing.
Lo bueno de eso es que...The Good Thing about it is That...
Sentimos mucho lo ocurriedo.We are very sorry about what happened.

  • a lo mejor =Maybe, Perhaps

  • a lo mejor ha salido =Perhaps he's gone out.

  • Lo bueno de eso es que... =The Good Thing about it is That...

  • Sentimos mucho lo ocurriedo. =We are very sorry about what happened.

  • por lo menos =At Least

  • Hubo por lo menos cincuenta heridos. =At Least fifty people were injured.

  • Vi lo que paso. =I saw what happened.

  • Lo que mas me gusta es nadar. =What I Like best is Swimming.

Grammar Extra!

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lo can be used with an adjective followed by que to emphasize how big/small/beautiful and so on something is or was. The adjective must agree with the noun it describes. 

We didn't know how small the house wasNo sabiamos lo pequena que era la casa.
You can't imagine how nice they areNo te imaginas lo simpaticos que son.


lo can also be used in a similar way with an adverb followed by que.


I Know how much you like music Se lo mucho que te gusta la musica.



  • lo is classed as an article in Spanish, but is not used with nouns.
  • You can use lo with a masculine adjective or past participle to form a noun.
  • You also use lo in a number of common phrases.
  • lo que can be used to mean what in English.


lo can be used with de followed by a noun phrase to refer back to something the speaker and listener both know about

  • Lo de tu hermano me preocupa mucho =I'm very worried about that business with your brother

  • Lo de ayer es mejor que lo olvides. =It would be best to forget what happened yesterday

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