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Adjectives In Spanish

Learn Spanish Online

Infographics of Spanish Adjectives

Adjectives in Spanish

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Adjectives are words like clever, expensive and silly that tell you more about a noun (a living being, thing or idea). They can also tell you more about a pronoun, such as he or they.

Adjectives are sometimes called ‘describing words’. They can be used right next to a noun they are describing, or can be separated from the noun by a verb like be, feel and so on.

A Clever Girl
And Expensive Coat
A Silly Idea
He's Just being Silly


  • In English, the only time an adjective changes its form is when you are making a comparison.
She's cleverer than her Brother
That's the silliest idea I've ever Heard!


  • In English, adjectives come BEFORE the noun they describe, but in Spanish you usually put them AFTER it.
A White Houseuna casa blanca


In Spanish, however, most adjectives agree with what they are describing. This means that their endings change depending on whether the person or thing you are referring to is masculine or feminine, singular or plural.

  • un chico rubio =A Fair Boy

  • una chica rubia =A Fair Girl

  • unas chicas rubias =Some Fair Girls

List of Spanish Adjectives

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Mañana     Tomorrow
Iré a clases mañana     I’ll go to classes tomorrow
Mañana, mis abuelos vendrán a visitarme.     Tomorrow, my grandparents will come to visit me.
En una hora     In an hour
Acabaré mi tarea en una hora     I’ll finish my homework in an hour
El avión llegará en una hora     The plane will arrive in an hour
En media hora     In half an hour
Mis padres vendrán a recogerme en media hora     My parents will come to pick me up in half an hour
Él llegará a casa en media hora.     He will come home in half an hour.
Luego     Afterward/then

  • unos chicos rubios =Some Fair Boys

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