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Spanish Plurals Ending in S And Es

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Infographics of Spanish Plurals Ending in S And Es

In English, there are some common rules to make plural forms of the nouns like a person, place, or any object. If you know how to make plural nouns, then you can easily understand how to do it in the Spanish language. To make Spanish nouns plural, you need to simply follow the rules given in this lesson.

Almost all singular nouns are made plural by simply putting an -s at the end. Depending on the letter on which noun ends, there are several different rules to make plural form. Spanish plurals have an unaccented vowel preceding the s.

Let’s learn the various rules applied to make plural form of nouns in the Spanish.

Spanish Plurals ending in -s and -es

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In English we usually make nouns plural by adding an -s to the end (garden -> gardens; house -> houses, although we do have some nouns which are irregular and do not follow this pattern (mouse-> mice; child ->children)

  • el libro =The Book

  • los libros =The Books

  • el hombre =The Man

  • los hombres =The Men

  • la profesora =The (Female) Teacher

  • las profesoras =The (Female) Teachers

For Words Ending in a Consonant Just Add -s

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Note that some foreign words (that is, words which have come from another language, such as English) ending in a consonant just add -s

el jerseyThe Jersey
los jerseysThe Jerseys

  • los profesor =The (Male) Teacher

  • los profesores =The (Male/male and female) Teachers

  • la ciudad =The Town/City

  • las ciudades =The Towns/Cities

Words ending in -s which have and unstressed final vowel do not change in the plural.

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  • el paraguas =The Umbrella

  • los paraguas =The Umbrellas

  • el lunes =(on) Monday

  • los lunes =(on) Mondays

Singular Nouns Ending in an Accented Vowel

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Some singular nouns ending in an accented vowel add -es in the plural while other very common ones add -s

The Boarel jabali
The Boarslos jabalies
Coffree/The Cafeel cafe
Coffees/The cafeslos cafes
The Sofael sofa
The Sofaslos sofas

  • el jabali =The Boar

  • los jabalies =The Boars

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