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Spanish Personal Subject Pronouns

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Infographics of Spanish Personal Subject Pronouns

What is a Subject Personal Pronoun?

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A subject pronoun is an action by a verb I, She, He, they. Ex I've got a Sister. Pronouns often replace nouns defining subject being talked about. Ex My Mother is here right now. or He will back when work is done. 


  • List of Spanish subject pronouns are
SingularMeaning PluralMeaning
YoInosotros (masculine)we
tuyounosotras (feminine)we
elhevosotros (masculine)you
ellashevosotras (feminine)you
usted (Vd.)you

ellos (masculine)

Ellas (feminine)

ustedes (Vds.)




Please Note that there is an accent on tu meaning you and el (he) so that they are not confused with tu (your) and el (the)


The abbraviation Vd. and Vds. are often used instead of usted and ustedes.


  • Tengo un hermano =I've got a brother

  • Tenemos dos coches. =We've got tow cars.

Using Subject Personal Pronouns

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  • Spanish subject pronouns are normally only used:

for emphasis

Y tu que piensas?What do you think about it?
Ellos si que llegaron tarade.They really dis arrive late

for contrast or clarity

Yo estudio espanol pero el estudia frances.I study Spanish but he studies French.
El lo hizo pero ella no.He did it but she didn't.

after ser (meaning to be)

Soy yo.It's me.
Eres tu?Is that you?

In comparisons after que and como

Enrique es mas alto que yo.Enrique is taller than I am or than me.
Antonio no es tan alto como tu.Antonio isn't as tall as you (are)




  • Conoco usted al senor Martin? =Do you know Mr Martin?

  • Pesen ustedes por aqul. =Please come this way.

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