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How to Write A Letter in Spanish To A Friend

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Infographics of How to Write A Letter in Spanish To A Friend

How to Write A Letter in Spanish To A Friend

How to Address Someone in Letters (Formal)

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Imagine while communicating with your friends,    your colleagues or your cousins in Spain, how are you    gonna address either of them in Spanish.

  • Señor  = Mr

  • Señora    =Mrs

  • Señorita   =Ms

  • Distinguido señor    =Dear Sir

  • Distinguida señora    =Dear Madam

  • Muy señor mío   =Dear Sir

  • Muy señora mía    =Dear Madam

Informal Address in Letters

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  • Querido papá  =Dear Dad

  • Querida mamá  =Dear Mom

  • Queridos amigos  =Dear friends

  • Mi querido  =My dearest (male)

  • Mi querida  =My dearest (female)

  • Damas y caballeros  =Ladies and Gentlemen!

  • Estimado señora y señor  =Respected Ma’am and Sir

How to End a Spanish Letter

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1All Spanish-speaking people, has two surnames (apellidos)
2The first surname is of father, while the second surname is of mother. 
3The second surname is used in more formal and in official situations.

  • Muy atentamente   =Yours sincerely

  • Un cariñoso saludo   =Warm wishes

  • Le atentamente   =Yours faithfully

  • Saludos cordiales   =Kind Regards

  • Atentamente =Best Regards

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