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Comparing Sound B and V

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Infographics of Consonant Pronunciation B and V

Comparing Sound B and V

How to Pronounce Consonant B and V

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Spanish intonation has a special relationship for phonetic B and V. V sound tends to be pronounced as B all the time. This is a rule that learners have to observe keenly in order to master the diction correctly. Understanding the intonation of these sounds will affect not only your spoken Spanish but also written Spanish. The rules are quite simple. All the words that begin with either of these letters will be pronounced with a B sound. The sound should be said lightly on your lips. The B sound should not be pulled and emphasized.


In English, b and v are totally different. However, in Spanish, these two letters are hardly differentiable. They sound like b in English, and even natives who have not had extensive education in writing and reading confuse them all the time.     For example, when a word begins with a v or b, followed by n or m, it is pronounced as b in English. In Spanish, be ready to explore strange things as you learn new pronunciations. 

  • Comparing Sound B and V =Sound B and V

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