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Mastering C and L combination pronunciation

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Infographics of Mastering C and L combination pronunciation

Mastering C and L combination pronunciation

How to Pronounce C and L combination in Spanish

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Correctly Pronouncing C and L in Spanish

C and L combination in Spanish is like a real measure of how good your pronunciation is. It is said fast without pulling the L, and it comes out as a deep yet light intonation of the phonetics. The C should not be clarified and lingered upon. The tongue should brush through the C to L intonation. This brings out the accent and gives you the sound of a true Spanish speaker.


Cl sounds so graceful in Spanish that it makes English speakers sound off note. It is pronounced swiftly, yet softly. A good illustration is the word “clomp,” where you should not be hard on the “c” sound or linger a lot in “l.”    Spanish treats “cl” differently, for example, aclarar, which means clarify. Pronunciation reduces how cl sounds. Do it swiftly, in half a second. Let the tongue tap your mouth’s roof gently and quickly, but gracefully lilt to the next letter which is a.


  • C and L combination =C and L combination

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