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Pronouncing Spanish Consonant D

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Infographics of Pronouncing Spanish Consonant D

How to Pronounce Consonant D

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Spanish intonation tends to be sweet with a mark of softness, but letter D is different. It is pronounced with a slur, like the tongue of a dazed person not able to say it right. D pronunciation is Spanish lack elegance as if it’s not there. Spanish diction does not accentuate D sound at all. It is like passing the tongue on it without willing to say it. This is a mark of the Spanish accent. Learners find this intonation weird at first, especially if they are used to high pitched D sound.


Letter d is the reason native English speakers have a problem in speaking other languages correctly. This letter is deeply pronounced in English, and it becomes a problem in Spanish where it’s non-existent. It is pronounced softly and sometimes not pronounced at

  • dos =Two

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