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Which Syllable To Stress

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Infographics of Which Syllable To Stress 

1) Most words can be broken up into syllables. These are the different sounds that words are broken up into. They are shown in this section byland the stressed syllable is underlined. 2) There are some very simple rules to help you remember which part of the word to stress in Spanish, and when to write an accent. 3) Words DON'T have a written acute accent if they follow the normal stress rules for Spanish. If they do not follow the normal stress rules, they DO need an accent.  Tip The accent that shows stress is always an acute accent in Spanish (). To remember which way an acute accents slopes try thinking of this saying: It's low on the left, with the height on the right.

Diphthongs: The Two Vowels Syllable Combination

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A diphthong are when a sound is formed with the combination of two vowels in a single syllable.  The following examples are the diphthongs with pronounce.

Some examples.

  • ’ow‘ in how =‘au‘ sounds like

  • ’ey‘ in they =‘ei‘ sounds like

  • ‘ey’ in they. =’ey‘ sounds like

  • ‘eu‘  =each vowel sounds separately.

  • ’ia‘  =sounds like ‘ya’ in yard.

  • ’ie‘  =sounds like ‘ye’ in yes.

  • ’io‘  =sounds like ‘yo’ in yore

  • ’iu‘  =sounds like ‘you’

  • ’ai‘  =sounds like ‘eye’

  • ’ay‘  =sounds like ‘eye’

  • ’oi‘ =sounds like ‘oy’ in toy.

  • ’oy‘  =sounds like ‘oy’ in toy.

  • ’ui‘  =sounds like ‘wee’

  • ’uy‘  =sounds like ‘wee’

  • ’ua‘  =sounds like ‘wa’ in want.

  • ’ue‘  =sounds like ‘wea’ in weather.

  • ’uo‘ = sounds like ‘wo’ in woke.

Triphthong: The Three Vovels Syllable Combination

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A Triphthong is the combination of three vowels.

one stressed strong vowel between two weak vowels and form a single syllable.    Some examples of the Triphthongs with pronunciation are

  • ‘iai’  =sounds like ‘yi’

  • ‘iau’ =sounds like ‘eow’ in meow.

  • ‘iei’  =sounds like ‘yea’.

  • ‘uai’/’uay’  =sounds like ‘wi’ in wire.

  • ‘uau’  =sounds like ‘wow’

  • ‘uei’/ ‘uey’  =sounds like ‘wei’ in weight.

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