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French Months of the Year

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Infographics of Months of The Year in French

There are words that sound recognizable to numerous foreign speakers in their local tongue. But in French, months' names are one of those words. Learning what the months in French are would seems like a summon, a sort of connection with what months are called in different dialects all over the world.

How Do You Say Months In French?

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Prior to learning the name of the months of the year in French, it is helpful to learn that the word mois implies month. In singular just as in plural the word mois doesn't change. So, you simply say un mois (singular) or les mois (plural).
  • Je suis allée voir ma mère, et je suis restée pendant deux mois chez elle. =I went to see my mother, and I stayed with her for two months.

  • il y a trois mois, j'ai un chien de compagnie =Three months ago i got a pet dog

  • tu n'as pas moins d'un mois pour y aller =Dont you have less than a month to go

  • deux mois se sont écoulés depuis sa promotion. =Two months has passed since he had been promoted.

What are the 12 months in French?

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As everybody knows, there is a twelve months of the year in French. Find in the accompanying list the months altogether from January to December. You'll likewise learn the right method to write the French months' names.

You may see the similarity between every month of the year in French and in English. That’s because they all come from Latin and in this manner, they frequently share a similar root. You will see that every month begins in the same, or if nothing else fundamentally the same as, a path to the English equivalent.
  • janvier =1. January

  • février =2. February

  • mars =3. March

  • avril =4. April

  • mai =5. May

  • juin =6. June

  • juillet =7. July

  • août =8. August

  • septembre =9. September

  • octobre =10. October

  • novembre =11. November

  • décembre =12. December

Pronunciation of French Months of the year

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When it comes to months in French pronunciation, we should forget how we need to say statements in our own language, and genuinely attempt to make them sound more French.

Pay close attention to the letters and the key underneath:
  • jon-vee-ey (soft J) =1) janvier

  • feh-vree-ey =2) février

  • mahrss (guttural R) =3) mars

  • ahv-reel =4) avril

  • mei =5) mai

  • ju-wan (soft J) =6) juin

  • jwee-yey =7) juillet

  • oot =8) août

  • sep-tom-br =9) septembre

  • oct-o-br =10) octobre

  • noh-vom-br =11) novembre

  • dess-om-br =12) décembre

Le premier Usage in French

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The “premier” meaning “first” must be used to say the first day of every month. It is abbreviated with “1er”.

This doesn’t applicable to other numbers ending with 1: we should always say le vingt-et-un (the twenty-one) rather than “the twenty-first”.
  • Le 1er janvier est le jour de l’an =January 1 is New Year’s Day.

  • Aujourd’hui nous sommes le 1er août. =Today is August 1.

  • Mon anniversaire est le 11 (vingt-et-un) avril =My birthday is on April 11.

  • Halloween est le 21 octobre, et le 1er novembre est le toussaint. =Halloween is on October 21, and All Saint’s Day is on November 1.

How to use French months in a Sentence

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When learning the months in French, you ought to know about the relational words that we use with them, or lack thereof. Let’s go through with……

You can see that the preposition"on" isn't utilized in French. We likewise don't have to say the date "of" a month, like the fourth of July, we essentially say "le 4 Juillet" (the four July). All things considered, the months do require a preposition to say wherein month something happens, when we aren't using a particular date.
  • Mon anniversaire est le 21 avril. =My birthday is on April 21.

  • Halloween est le 31 octobre. =Halloween is on October 31.

  • Je suis allé à Paris en mars. =I went to Paris in March.

  • Le show est en décembre. =The show is in December.

“This month” in French

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When speaking French, we don’t just say “this month” instead ce mois-ci. This simply reflects to this month here and this month now.
  • Ce mois-ci, nous fixerons de nouveaux buts et objectifs. =This month we will set new goals and objectives.

“Next month” and “last month” in French

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This is generally simple to recall, as we add the word prochain (next) and dernier (last) to any day, week or month. Simply recall to opposite the words so the month or other time word starts things out. To discuss any month without using the name of the month, utilize the article "le". This is additionally the case when saying next month from now and last month: le mois prochain (the next), however when using the name of a specific month, it's important to use the preposition "en".
  • Je standards en vacances le mois prochain. =I'm traveling one month from now (or Literally:) I'm going on vacation the month next

  • Je suis allé à LA le mois précédent. =I went to LA previous month (or Literally:) I went to Mexico the month last

  • Il travaillais à l'hôpital en février dernier.  =I worked in the clinic last February. (or Literally:)I worked in the clinic in February last

  • Nous allons nous marier en juillet prochain. =We’re getting married next July. (or literally: We will get married in July next)

How to Say “Every month” in French

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When something is repeated consistently, we can use "chaque" which implies each/every. We can likewise say "tous" (signifying "all"). While we wouldn't say "all the months" in English, it isn't unexpected to hear in French, so don't be hesitant to use the two terms conversely.
  • Vous avez un match de basket tous les mois =You have a basketball match every month. (Literally: you have a basketball match all the months)

  • Je cours une course tous les week-ends d'août =I run a race every august weekend. (Literally: I do a race on foot every august weekend)

Final Words

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It sounds basic, yet it's incredibly effective. What's more, this makes the months of the year an incredible spot to begin. 

Not exclusively will you really use them to, well… talk about the months of the year, yet when you consider things in terms of "a year in French," a wide range of helpful vocabulary comes to mind.

  • apprends le français =Learn French

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