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Talk About Environment And Surroundings in French

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Infographics of Environment And Surroundings

My environment and surroundings

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Nuestro ambiente or our environment is an important part of our lives. It’s where we spend most of our time. So, it’s of paramount importance to be able to describe it in the spanish language. If you’re visiting a spanish speaking country, people will want to know about your physical environment to get a better perspective of your alrededores or surroundings. 


Most people spend their time at home, in the office, at school, in church or even in the club. In every culture, the environment and surroundings have a different meaning and varies from country to country. Many people are in their house, but don’t really feel at home. Or, they are at home but thinking about work. 


Learning spanish speaking people’s ambientes y alrededores may help you out to get immersed in the Spanish culture. 


If you're planning to live in a Spanish speaking country, you’ll need to know your new surroundings to adapt to a new lifestyle and win your own independence. Being abroad can be scary if you’re unaware of your surroundings. Learn about Spanish speaking cultures so as to feel safe during your visit. 

  • Ma maison est spacieuse =My house is spacious

  • Ma maison est très confortable =My house is very comfortable

  • Le danger des marées noires. =The danger of ocean oil spills.

  • Le recyclage devrait être obligatoire. =Recycling should be mandatory.

  • Pourquoi le pétrole doit être conservé. =Why oil needs to be conserved.

  • Pourquoi devrions-nous utiliser des sacs réutilisables. =Why we should use reusable bags.

  • Pourquoi l'huile de palme devrait être interdite. =Why palm oil should be banned.

  • Interdire l'exploitation minière dans les zones écologiquement sensibles. =Ban mining in environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Les couches jetables sont dangereuses pour l'environnement. =Disposable diapers are hazardous to the environment.

  • L'environnement est plus important que la génétique pour déterminer le résultat d'une personne. =The environment is more important than genetics in determining how a person will turn out.

  • Le danger du forage pétrolier en Alaska. =The danger of oil drilling in Alaska.

  • Des réglementations de pêche sont nécessaires pour préserver l'environnement. =Fishing regulations are necessary to preserve the environment.

Describing My House

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La casa or the house is the place where people spend most of their time. Many of them feel at home, others still feel it is their parents' home. There’s nothing more pleasing than being en el hogar or at home. 


The word casa or house is commonly used to describe not only the physical edifice but also the home. El hogar or home is not commonly used in everyday conversations. 


Me siento como en casaI feel like at home
Mi casa es agradable en aparienciaMy house is pleasing in appearance
En mi casa siento pazI feel peace at home 
No me siento como en casa en lo de mis padresI don't feel like at home at my parents’ 
Mi casa es espaciosaMy house is spacious 
Mi casa es muy cómodaMy house is very comfortable


  • Je me sens comme chez moi = I feel like at home

  • Ma maison est agréable en apparence =My house is pleasing in appearance

  • Je ressens la paix à la maison =I feel peace at home

  • Je ne me sens pas chez mes parents =I don't feel like at home at my parents

  • Ma maison n'est pas très grande. =My house is not very big.

  • Il y a trois chambres chez moi. =There are three rooms at my house.

  • Chez moi, il y a deux salles de bain, une cuisine. =In my home, there are two bathrooms, one kitchen.

  • Toutes les pièces de ma maison sont bien décorées. =All the room of my house are well decorated.

  • J'adore le vert, donc ma chambre est de couleur verte avec une belle peinture. =I love green, so my room is green in color with nice painting.

  • Nous avons également une salle à manger. =We have also a dining room.

  • Nous avons une grande télévision LED dans notre salle à manger. =We have a large LED TV in our dining room.

  • Devant notre maison, il y a un jardin. =In front of our house, there is a garden.

Describing my Neighbourhood

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In most Spanish speaking countries people feel at home in their neighborhood. Since they’re little kids, they spend most of the time playing around in the street with their friends and neighbors.


The neighborhood or el vecindario is a second home for most spanish speaking people. It’s the perfect venue for celebrating carnaval when kids throw water balloons at one another. 



En mi vecindario hay mucha violenciaIn my neighborhood there’s a lot of violence
Mi vecindario es muy seguroMy neighborhood is very safe
En mi vecindario hay muchas escuelas, plazas y supermercadosIn my neighborhood there are a lot of schools, squares and supermarkets
Mi vecindario está bien ubicado en la ciudadMi neighborhood is well located in the city
Vivo en un vecindario muy nuevoI live in a pretty new neighborhood 
En mi vecindario viven muchos niñosIn my neighborhood there are a lot of kids


  • Dans mon quartier, il y a beaucoup de violence =In my neighbourhood there’s a lot of violence

  • Mon quartier est très sûr =My neighbourhood is very safe

  • Dans mon quartier, il y a beaucoup d'écoles, de places et de supermarchés =In my neighbourhood there are a lot of schools, squares and supermarkets

  • Mon quartier est bien situé dans la ville =My neighbourhood is well located in the city

  • Mon quartier est un très bon garçon. =My neighbourhood is a very good boy.

  • Mon quartier appartient à une famille très riche et noble. =My neighbourhood belongs to a very rich and noble family.

  • Son père est fonctionnaire à Mumbai. =His father is a Government servant in Mumbai.

  • Tous deux aiment beaucoup Gopal. =Both of them love Gopal very much.

7 Lifestyle Changes that Will Help the Environment

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Parques or parks and plazas or squares are part of everybody’s surrounding area in spanish speaking countries. These are the perfect venues to go to on a sunday afternoon to play soccer or just to relax. 


¿Vamos a la plaza esta tarde?Shall we go to the square this afternoon?
Hay un parque muy grande en mi vecindarioThere's a big park in my neighborhood
Esa plaza me gusta porque tiene columpiosI like this square because there are swings
¿Quieres ir a pasear al parque?Do you want to go out to the park?
En el parque podemos comprar pochoclo si quieresWe can buy popcorn in the park if you want to

  • Utilisez moins la voiture. =Use the car less.

  • Il y a un grand parc dans mon quartier =There's a big park in my neighborhood

  • Réduisez votre consommation de viande rouge. =Reduce your intake of red meat.

  • Devenez un «consommateur vert» =Become a ‘green consumer‘

  • Devenir «neutre en carbone» en utilisant des compensations si nécessaire =Become ‘carbon neutral‘ using offsets as necessary

  • Investissez dans des entreprises qui recherchent et produisent des énergies renouvelables. = Invest in companies researching and producing renewable energy.

  • Partagez vos idées «vertes» avec d’autres =Share your ‘green’ ideas with others

  • Devenez politiquement actif. =Become politically active.

What Impact Does the Environment Have on Us?

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Las parrilladas or barbecues are Spanish speakers’ favorites. In every patio  or garden there’s a corner meant to be a quincho or barbecue area. This is the most valuable surrounding for Spanish speakers since they cook asados almost every weekend. 


The barbecue area is the perfect venue to eat and meet. 


¿Organizamos un asado para el domingo?Shall we organize a barbecue for Sunday morning?
En mi patio hay un gran quincho para 15 personasIn my yard there’s a big barbecue area for 15 people
Al lado de mi quincho hay una pileta enorme para nadar toda la tardeThere's a big swimming pool next to the barbecue are to swim the entire afternoon
Hoy hago una parrillada en mi quincho. Están todos invitadosI’m making a barbecue in my quincho. You are all invited to come

  • On organise un barbecue le dimanche matin? =Shall we organize a barbecue for Sunday morning?

  • Dans ma cour, il y a un grand barbecue pour 15 personnes =In my yard there’s a big barbecue area for 15 people

  • L'environnement peut faciliter les interactions entre les personnes =The environment can facilitate interactions among people

  • L'environnement peut influencer la motivation des gens à agir. =The environment can influence peoples motivation to act.

  • L'environnement peut influencer l'humeur. =The environment can influence mood.

  • L'environnement peut créer ou réduire le stress, =The environment can create or reduce stress,

How can I change my surroundings?

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Ir a la playa or going to the beach is the perfect scenario to spend the day during summer time. Many spanish speaking countries have a coastline where people go to cool down. 



¡Vamos a la playa!Let’s go to the beach!
Hay una playa muy bonita para pasar el díaThere’s a pretty nice beach to spend the day
El día está hermoso para tomar sol en la playaIt’s a beautiful day to sunbathe on the beach 
En la playa hay bares para tomar unos tragos a la nocheThere are several bars on the beach to have some drinks during the evening
La playa es el mejor lugar para relajarse y recargar energíaThe beach is the best place to relax and recharge batteries 

  • Pour accomplir votre travail, minimisez les distractions qui vous empêchent de vous concentrer. =To get work done, minimize distractions that take away from your focus.

  • Il y a une jolie plage pour passer la journée =There’s a pretty nice beach to spend the day

  • Pour accomplir votre travail, minimisez les distractions qui vous empêchent de vous concentrer. =To get work done, minimize distractions that take away from your focus.

Components and Importance Of Environment

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10 Lines on importance of Environment
  • Un environnement propre est une nécessité absolue pour la survie de toutes les formes vivantes. =A clean environment is an absolute necessity for the survival of all living forms.

  • L'environnement constitue de tous les êtres vivants et non vivants. =The environment constitutes of all living as well as non-living things.

  • L'utilisation de produits recyclés est le meilleur moyen de protéger notre environnement. =Use of recycled products is the best way to keep our environment safe.

  • Les médias électroniques sont une bonne source de sensibilisation à la menace pour l'environnement. =The electronic media is a good source for spreading awareness against the threat to the environment.

  • Tout ce qui nous entoure constitue notre environnement. =Everything that surrounds us constitutes our environment.

  • Nous devrions utiliser des produits de matériaux recyclables et encourager les autres à le faire. =We should use the products of recyclable materials and encourage others to do so.

  • Nous devons comprendre l'utilisation de la flore pour chaque être vivant. =We need to understand the use of flora for every living being.

  • Nous devons promouvoir l'utilisation de sources d'énergie renouvelables comme l'énergie solaire et l'énergie éolienne. =We should promote the use of renewable sources of energy like solar energy and wind energy.

  • Nous devrions nous fier autant que possible aux transports publics plutôt qu'au véhicule personnel. =We should rely on public transport instead of the personal vehicle as much as possible.

  • L'environnement est l'environnement où nous vivons, survivons et nous épanouissons. =The environment is the surrounding where we live, survive and flourish.

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