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How to Say Merry Christmas in Spanish

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Infographics of Merry Christmas in Spanish

Christmas is widely celebrated around the world and spanish-speaking countries throw big parties during this festivity. In Spain and Mexico, Christmas takes place in winter; whereas in Central and South America it is summer. No matter the season, the weather or the country Spanish speakers wish each other una Feliz Navidad on December 25th when the clock strikes 00:00. 

If you are spending your holidays in a Spanish-speaking country, you need to know basic holiday vocabulary and  holiday traditions to get into tune with spanish speaking cultures. You are going to need what to say to your new friends, colleagues or neighbours during the holiday season.   

Christmas or Navidad  is one the most important celebrations for Christian families in the Western world. Spanish cultures not only celebrate it on December 25th but also during a whole month beginning on December 8th and finishing on January 6th. It means that from December 8th people start wishing Feliz Navidad to each other in case they don’t see one another on Christmas Day. 

Phrases to say During Christmas Celebrations

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On December 24th people celebrate Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) - literally translated as a Good night, not the greeting when going to sleep. During that day, people say Merry Christmas Eve (Feliz Nochebuena) when they meet socially, at store or the church during a mass. Others prefer saying Happy Holidays (Felices Fiestas( during this celebration.


In most Spanish speaking countries, people make a feast at night on December 24th with family or significant people. While having dinner altogether, they wait until 12 A.M to wish each other una Felíz Navidad, open presents and display fireworks. This is also a moment to say my best wishes to you. A simple way to do so is by using a Mis mejores deseos para ti or Te deseo lo mejor which means I wish you the best. All these phrases can be used both informally or formally. 

If you want to be a little bit more affectionate with your acquaintances during Christmas you can say Con mucho cariño te deseo una Felíz Navidad which means with all my love I wish you a Happy Christmas. 

People who don’t have a religious nature prefer saying Felices Fiestas or Happy Holidays. Even though it can be used all through the Holiday season, it is fine using it at Christmas. 

  • Felíz Navidad =Merry Christmas

  • Feliz Nochebuena =Merry Christmas Eve

  • Felices Fiestas =Happy Holidays

  • Mis mejores deseos para tí =My best wishes for you

  • Felíz Navidad para tí y tu familia =Merry Christmas for you and your family

  • Con mucho cariño te deseo una Felíz Navidad =With all love I wish you a Happy Christmas

  • Te deseo lo mejor =I wish you the best

  • Que la pases bien =Have a good time

The Answer to Merry Christmas: You too!

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Traditionally, people stay up all night visiting friends and other family members, dancing, drinking alcoholic beverages and eating  for the occasion. Every time a new person joins the party or passes by just to say Feliz Navidad, you have to reply Feliz Navidad para ti también (Merry Christmas to you too). It is also handy to know how to reply when someone says Felices Fiestas or Mis mejores deseos para tí. 

There are many ways to reply in this situation. We can use Igualmente (You too) or Igual para ti/usted. When addressing someone informally such as a friend or a family member, in Spanish people use the personal pronoun ti preceded by the  preposition para to indicate it is for you. When addressing someone in the office or your boss, you use the personal pronoun usted which means You but in a formal way. 

  • Igualmente =You too

  • Y tú también =And you too

  • Igual para tí/usted =The same for you

Wishing Friends and Family During Christmas

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Now, it is time to learn how to wish joy and happiness to others in Spanish during this special celebration. During Christmas Day people spend the day buying last minute presents, preparing a Christmas meal and making phone calls to wish others joy and happiness. 


Did you know that many people will wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year since both celebrations are really close? Use Felíz Navidad y Felíz Año Nuevo to wish happy holidays in a casual way and also to people you work with. 

  • Mis mejores deseos para esta Navidad y Año Nuevo =My best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

  • Te deseo lo mejor para estas fiestas =I wish you the best in these holidays

  • Que se cumplan tus deseos y sueños =I hope your dreams come true

  • Que lo pases lindo =I hope you have a nice time

  • Espero que lo pases en familia =I hope you spend time with your family

  • Mucho cariño para ti y tu familia =Lots of love to you and your family

Christian greetings

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As Christmas is held in celebration of the birth of Jesus if you want to use Christian greetings on this holiday there are many phrases you can learn in Spanish. In most cases, you can try saying Que Dios te bendiga en este nuevo año. This means God bless you by adding in this New Year.

  • La bendición de Dios llevando paz en Navidad =God’s blessings and peace at Christmas

  • Que Dios te bendiga este Año Nuevo =God bless you this New Year

  • Que Jesús te proteja a ti y a tu familia =May Jesus protect you and your family

Other phrases commonly used at Christmas

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There are many other phrases in Spanish that are not related to greetings nor wishing happiness. When the clock strikes 12 on December 25th you may propose a toast by saying Brindo por… Then you need to add on whatever you are toasting for. You can just say ¡Salud! which literally means Health. But when it is used to toast for something it means Cheers! Context is also important when using Spanish expressions. 
Learning Spanish takes time and a little bit of memorization. Try to use these expressions and phrases so as to practice the language and add new vocabulary to your list. Learning Christmas vocabulary and how to say Merry Christmas in Spanish is an excellent way to learn Spanish speaking culture. No matter if you are Catholic or not, there are many ways to wish Feliz Navidad and Felices Fiestas.   

  • Brindo por la familia =A toast to our family

  • Brindo por un buen año nuevo =A toast to a good new year

  • Brindo por nuestra amistad =A toast to our friendship

  • Brindo por un mejor año =A toast for a better new year

  • Les deseo lo mejor =I wish you the best

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