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Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation

Learn Spanish Online

Infographics of Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation

Learning Spanish Alphabet or El Abecedario

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Note:- There are 4 extra letters in the Spanish alphabet. 


Spanish Pronunciation Master List from A to Z

1Letter   Spanish PronunciationExampleEnglish
2“a” in “father” mano (MAH-noh)hand
3“b” in “box” bella (BEH-yah) pretty
4“c” in “call” caja (KAH-hhah) box
5c“c” in “city” cine (SIH-neh) movies
6ch “ch” in “change” chicle (CHIH-kleh) gum
7“d” in “deck” día (DIH-ah) day
8“e” in “pen” pera (PEH-rah) pear
9“f” in “fine” fe (feh) faith
10“g” in “go” ganar (gah-NAHR) to win
11ga hard “h” gemelo (hheh-MEH-loh) twin
12h  silenthola (OH-lah) hello
13“ee” in “seen” listo (LIH-stoh) ready
14a hard “h” justo (HHOOS-toh) just
15“k” in “karma” kiosco (KYOH-skoh) kiosk
16“l” in “lick” lado (LAH-doh) side
17ll “y” in “yay” or “j” in “déjà vu” llanto (YAHN-toh, ZHAHN-toh) crying
18“m” in “more” mayo (MAH-yoh) May
19“n” in “nickel” nada (NAH-dah) nothing
20ñ similar to “ni” in “onion” niño (NIH-nyoh) child
21o “o” in “more” mosca (MOHS-kah) fly
22“p” in “open” país (pah-EES) country
23“q” in “quiet” queso (KEH-soh) cheese
24a hard “r” sound, like “tt” in “matter” oro (OH-roh), gold
25“s” in “smart” sonar (soh-NAHR) to ring
26t “t” in “stay” tocar (toh-KAHR) to touch
27“oo” in “boot” tuyo (TOOH-yoh) yours
28between “v” and “b” vencer (vehn-SEHR, behn-SEHR) to overcome
29“w” in “way” waterpolo (wah-tehr-POH-loh) water polo
30x “x” in “taxes”  exilio (eh-KSIH-lyoh)exile
31“y” in “yellow” or “j” in “déjà vu”yo (yoh, zhoh)I
32“s” in “smart” or “z” in zebra zapato (sah-PAH-toh, zah-PAH-toh) shoe

  • ah (abeja) =Aa (Bee)

  • beh (Bote) =Bb (Boat)

  • seh (Casa) =Cc (House)

  • Cheh (Chimenea) =Ch (Chimney)

  • Deh (Dedo) =Dd (Finger)

  • Eh (Elefante) =Ee (Elephant)

  • ef - feh (Flor) =Ff (Flower)

  • Heh (Gato) =Gg (Cat)

  • Ah - chech (Helado) =Hh (Ice cream)

  • ee (iglu) =Ii (Igloo)

  • Ho - tah (Jaula) =Jj (Cage)

  • Kah (Koala) =Kk (Koala)

  • El - leh (Lapiz) =Ll (Pencil)

  • Ay - lay (Llave) =LI II (Key)

Pronunciation of Spanish Alphabet

UtterBug Background

1The alphabet is called “el abecedario” pronounced as ehl ah-beh-seh-DAH-ryoh in Spanish. 
Please Check the examples given in this Lesson, showing how similar Spanish and English Alphabets are.
2Graphically, both Spanish and English alphabets are graphically similar. 
3Also to note is the pronunciation with English is consistent which makes Learning Spanish language much easier. 

  • Eh - meh (Mono) =Mm (Monkey)

  • En - neh (Nariz) =Nn (Nose)

  • En - yeh (ñandu) =ññ (Rhea)

  • Oh (Oso) =Oo (Bear)

  • Peh (Puerta) =Pp (Door)

  • Coo (Queso) =Qq (Cheese)

Spanish Language Fact

UtterBug Background

Please Observe the Fact

Spanish language have gone through iterations where in an alphabet rr, which was used until year 1990. It was dropped by Spanish language authority ie Royal Academy of Spain. 

Further to this, Royal Academy of Spain was also contemplating to drop some double letters especially ch and ll, but has not happened yet. 

  • Eh - reh (Reloj) =Rr (Clock)

  • Es - seh (Silla) =Ss (Chair)

  • Teh (Tambor) =Tt (Drum)

  • Oo (Uvas) =Uu (Grapes)

  • Beh (Ventana) =Vv (Window)

  • Imp Note that there are No W's in Spanish =W

  • Eh - kees (Xilofono) =Xx (Xylophone)

  • ee gree -- ay - gah (Yate) =Yy (Yacht)

  • Seh - tah (Zapato) =Zz (Shoe)

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