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Different ways to say No that still make you Likeable

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Infographics of How To Say No politely In Spanish


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If you need to complain, you may want to use falta (there isn’t enough) and faltan (there aren’t enough).

  • Falta información. =There isn’t enough information.

  • Faltan sillas. =There aren’t enough chairs.

  • No hay agua caliente. =There isn’t any hot water.

  • Hay cucurachas en el piso.  =There are cockroaches in the flat.

No queda…

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When something has run out, use no queda for singular nouns and no quedan for plural nouns.

  • No queda papel higiénico en el servicio de señoras.  =There isn’t any toilet paper left in the ladies.

  • No quedan folletos informativos.  =There aren’t any leaflets left.

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